Harness the power of customer feedback metrics in real-time

With more accurate reporting through a direct line of customer feedback, you can better understand returns, uncover trends, and track customer sentiment over time.

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Industry benchmarks

Compare against industry benchmarks, and view feedback on the country or product level.

Data collection

Identify specific product opinions including sizing, quality, and defects per product type.

More sales

Track opinions over time.

Get conversational

Interact seamlessly and get post-purchase product feedback.

  • Completely customizable

    Interact with your shoppers in a tone and manner that is more suitable to them – for example, adjust the phrazing of the questions, add fewer or more emojis and gifs.

  • Get better data

    Gather the insights you need by tailoring questions to your customers, and create a simple, friendly solution that invites more answers

Increase your sales

Give your customers more ways to buy the right size. This means more sales, fewer returns and happier customers

Increase in sales conversion

Decrease in return rate

Decreased size related returns by 23%
vente privee

Achieved 35% increase in conversion rate.


Lowered the return rate by 44%

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