Easysize for Marketplaces

The right size for every SKU and seller

Sellers don’t always add the complete or correct product information, which makes it harder for shoppers to find the right size – especially when they buy non-branded items or items from niche brands.

Flexible integration

With modern RESTful APIs, a JavaScript snippet, and mobile SDKs, getting up and running couldn’t be easier.

For all kinds of fashion

Our product sufficiently works with different types of products – including non-branded items, ethnic wear and niche brands.

Rich data

Our machine learning models constantly improve and learn from data across 15,000 brands and 7million SKUs.

Making sense of unstructured data

We match items in order to remove catalog fragmentation within a store’s catalog, or between different stores’ catalogs. We rely on a combination of features from the structured item descriptors, parsing the unstructured item description text and image matching to determine item-similarity

  • Incomplete or incorrect information

    Sellers often skip sizing or some product details, make typos and mistakes.

  • Broken sizes

    It’s common for P2P and pre-owned fashion, when SKUs are available in 1 or 2 sizes only.

  • Non-branded items or niche brands

    Unique fashion (including local brands and ethnic wear) usually comes in unique sizing, that shoppers might not be familiar with.

Key features

  • Auto-recommendation for repeat shoppers

    Shoppers with an existing history of orders and returns receive an auto-recommendation of the right size for every product. The size is calculated based on their individual style and fit preferences.

  • Sizing tool for new shoppers

    New shoppers can activate Easysize recommendations by telling us which brand and size they already own (and love). Easysize uses this information to suggest the right size.

  • Size insights

    New shoppers still get value from Easysize without providing any information. Based on our extensive data we can help with more general sizing recommendations.

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