Easysize for Subscription Services

Help your stylists pick the best fit every time

Your consumers regularly receive hand-picked selections of outfits. We help your stylist work faster, with fewer mistakes and with a higher keep rate.

Flexible integration

Our product integrates with your stylist’s interface via modern RESTful APIs, a JavaScript snippet, and mobile SDKs.

We predict fit and not size

Our technology understands individual style and fit preferences of a shoppers across brands, categories and items.

Rich data

Our machine learning models constantly improve and learn from data across 15,000 brands and 7million SKUs.

Size assistant for your stylists

Easysize integrates with a stylists’ interface to help them pick the right size – for every shopper and order.

Correct mistakes

Notify a stylist, if a selected size is not the best fit for a shopper.

Confirm the selected sizes

Increase confidence of the stylist, when they pick the right size.

Educate with size insights

Provide valuable sizing info on a SKU and a brand-level.

Easysize smoothly customised and integrated its solution into our internal system. This allowed to help stylists with the right size recommendation while keeping their experience seamless.

Cord Maximilian Siebke
Analyst, Modomoto

Higher keep rate & happier stylists

Easysize makes the work of a stylist so much easier – fewer unnecessary sizing mistakes and higher efficiency.

For stylists

Increase in keep rate by 26%

Our product integrates with your stylist’s interface and helps them select the right size for each customer, order and SKU.

  • Fewer mistakes made by stylists

    Easysize alerts stylists, if the wrong size is selected.

  • Higher work efficiency

    Stylist spend less time on sizes and more time on styling outfits


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